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You know how, when I do sneak peeks, I always talk about the person or people? Well, this is a special one.
This is a little boy with red hair and freckles, big brains and a little smirk, that spent a year with me in room 108 in third grade.
He was special to me then, as I worked to challenge him (and he worked to CHALLENGE ME!!!), and I’ve loved watching him grow up. A few years later I got to have his sister in class, and she captured a piece of my heart as well. Things came full circle a couple weeks ago when Jacob came over to babysit for an afternoon for my girls, with his red hair and freckles, and when I got home, I heard he was “The best babysitter ever!!” If you sprinkle in the fact that my husband got to coach him in soccer, and that I also love his parents, then yeah, this one’s special.


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