Frequently asked Questions

If I order a digital package, can I substitute or
replace the set of 4x6 prints?

Sorry, no. When I allow the purchase of digital files, that means I relinquish control of where those files are printed. Most photo labs these days are decent, but there is always the chance that those prints won’t match what you see when you view your photos online, and I want you to know how they’re supposed to look when printed. After all, we want photo art printed!

For a senior session, can I do more than one season?

Sure! It’s fun to get a variety of seasons (and clothes!). More than one session is an “add-on”, so for us to meet again, the add-on price is $250, and needs to be planned when we book your original session.

What should we wear???

Choosing clothes for a photo session doesn’t need to be stressful! First, do some Google-ing and Pinterest-ing and browse my site. For seniors, I like to have a mix of casual and nice, classic and trendy, as well as anything that is uniquely symbolic of that senior, like letterman jackets, medals, etc.. For families, I never suggest completely matching. I think it looks best to coordinate, not match. For my family photos, I first decide the general formality. Next, I choose my own outfit (that’s the hardest for moms!) and build everyone else off of that. It’s okay to mix patterns and solids. I love to photograph grays, creams, and other neutrals, with some pops of color thrown in. I like moms in dresses or skirts or jeans that fit perfectly. Take the time to make sure shoes are clean and that everything is wrinkle free- we’ll both be glad you did! Lay everyone’s clothes out together and see how it looks together…..if it looks good together at home, it will look good in photos! If you are having trouble deciding, I love to help! Send me photos and I’ll let you know what I think and give suggestions!

How long until we can see our photos?

Honestly, it depends on the time of year. Fall is by far the busiest time for our family, and it’s also when I do the most photos. I usually say 3 weeks to be safe, but in the fall months, it may be a bit longer, and you may see that not every session is edited in the order that they’re taken. A family that is waiting for their photos to print holiday cards is going to be edited before a senior session from late fall. It’s a tricky balance, but editing is a time-consuming process that I take to heart. I want you to love every image!

When is a good time for senior photos? Family photos?

Anytime! Many seniors feel and look their best during summer, so the summer before senior year is a great time to book a session. Fall is popular, but books up quickly. I sort of love photos during snow and spring, because I don’t get to do them enough here in Ohio.