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You Want It.

The perfect family portrait, that is. :-)

I see it on Easter, when iPhone pics of dressed up families adorn my Facebook newsfeed. I see it on days when the kids are cute and clean and you can’t HELP but take a dozen photos and proudly post them for everyone to see. And I see it on date nights, when moms and dads are relaxed and happy and looking good, and it feels good to take a “couple’s selfie”, in less than perfect lighting, again on a phone.
QUESTION? Are any of those photos printed out and on display in your home? Or are they stuck in cyberspace, on your phone or computer forever? (BE HONEST!)

Give yourself the gift of the family portrait, taken by a professional, with professional equipment. I’ll even do a tweak or two to make SURE you’re looking your best. :-) You deserve it!!

Mini sessions are perfect for unwilling husbands (it’s short and sweet!), rambunctious kids, or busy families that don’t have a lot of time. Get that perfect post for your holiday card, and updated portraits of the kids, all in a thirty minute session.

See that little link at the top of the screen that says “client area”? That’s where you sign up, folks. Last year’s mini sessions sold out in under a day. This year’s sessions are going to be epic. Let me capture a slice of your life.

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