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Secret Wedding (Sort of)

If you visit my website frequently, you know that I do not photograph many weddings. This is by choice, although I have LOVED the weddings I have photographed. Each wedding I’ve captured has been unique and special, and that will always be the case when I agree to photograph a wedding. This one was no exception. (If  you’re keeping count, this one was technically number four this year.)

Shannon and Andy chose to get married in a very private setting, although of course they had the complete blessing of their family and friends. They wanted the ceremony to be about them, their love, and their promises to each other, not about guests, meals, or dances. (How cool is that??) On a not-so-beautiful day this fall, I got to witness something truly beautiful. Those in attendance were the bride, the groom, the officiant, and me. :-)

The morning after the ceremony, they flew off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to New Zealand and Bora Bora, to share their first adventures as husband and wife. A few weeks later they returned, and hosted a charming reception full of thoughtful touches for their close families and friends. It took a lot of “canoodling”, but I am sooooo glad I was your photographer for these meaningful events in your life together. Thank you, a thousand times over. :-)



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