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Princess Sunshine

This baby’s Mama is pretty special, and there’s no doubt that this perfect little girl is very special too. Both Mama and Daddy are already so in love with this perfect little girl.  Stella celebrated her one-week birthday today with a photo shoot, and she was AMAZING! She slept blissfully through nearly the entire session, like a good princess should.  Since this is a friend’s baby, about eight days ago, I asked my four year old what the baby should be named. Without missing a beat, she told me “Princess Sunshine”.  So, although Stella is a perfectly perfect name for this beautiful girl, she will always be Princess Sunshine to me.

This Princess was wanted, dreamed about, and loved before she was even here. And now, the princess has arrived.

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  • Heidi - Jennifer,
    These are absolutely beautiful photographs that capture the love and happiness and pure bliss of this new family. Thank you for a gift I know they will treasure forever!

  • tony - Great job Jennifer! Amazing!ReplyCancel

  • Tammy - You truly have a gift, Biskit. Thank you for capturing our family. The images are full of emotion, sweetness and love…ReplyCancel

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