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My Katie

This is just “round one” in her senior pictures. I’m having some trouble with the finality of “senior pictures” with this girl.
She is my first cousin, born when I was 22.
She is the one who I learned and practiced my mothering on.
She is the one I watched Elmo with and read books to and dressed up like my own real, live, sweet doll.
She is the one who was my smiling sunshine for my early adult years. Those years when you don’t quite fit in anywhere…….
She is the one I spent an entire summer with, and the one I even lived with for a while.
She is the adorable tiny flower girl that was the star of my wedding.
She is, in my heart, forever my “first baby”, and I am finding it hard to believe that these are actually…senior pictures.

She is amazing, umber-talented, incredibly smart and well-loved, and oh so beautiful. Just like when she was my baby.
Enjoy this tiny (but heart-wrenching) sneak peek, Little Bunkster. I am so proud of you and love you so much! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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