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Meet…….. Hudson!

The last time I/we saw Baby Hudson, he looked like this:


I got to see him a little better today! THIS baby boy wins the Photographer’s Choice Award for stamina, cheerfulness, sleepiness, and pose-a-bil-i-ty. (Plus, he’s already a gentleman, since he decided to do all his dirty diapers before we got there.)

Loved. Him.


And Big Sister was so much fun and so proud. While I was there, she “made” chicken noodle soup and ice cream for me. :-) She also followed directions very well, so that we could get this:


The whole family was fun today and very very happy to have Baby Brother home. The Mama looks AMAZING- who would ever guess she just gave birth??? And she’s just too sweet and nice for me to hate her for it. Sigh.

Congratulations, family of four! Hope you enjoyed your “sneak peek”. :-)


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  • Bea Clark - Great pictures! He is sure a cutie. Can’t wait to see him up close. BeaReplyCancel

  • Bea Clark - Great pictures, he is sure a cutie. Can’t wait to see him up close. BeaReplyCancel

  • Kathy VanDeWater - He is just beautiful! Sorry, Mike. I know I should call him “handsome”, and he definitely is; but the grandma in me can’t resist “beautiful!”. Congratulations to both of you, and to big sis!!ReplyCancel

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