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In The Snow

Jenna and A.J. have announced their engagement and it’s easy to see they are completely crazy about each other……….

There are three important points to make:

1. Jenna and A.J. have know each other practically since birth- isn’t that cool? Their parents have always been friends, and they’ve grown up knowing each other. How perfect that their hearts have been knitted together in this way???

2. Jenna is my daughter’s second grade teacher. In our world, her teacher getting engaged and married is a Big Deal. Good thing she loves A.J. as much as she loves “Miss Bradley”. :-)

3. Jenna sincerely requested that I photograph her wedding, and I’ve accepted. This will be a completely new experience for me- so look for the results around………

It’s always fun spending time with couple who are in love. They braved the COLD weather, the snow, the fading daylight to get these pictures that show how fun-loving and special their relationship is. We have more engagement photos planned for warmer weather, but this set definitely warms my heart. :-)





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