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Conklin Camera Camp was a huge, colossal success! First, let me talk about the facility. I can’t even articulate how happy I am that I accidentally stumbled upon Maple Brook Memories, and it’s owner, Amy Schumacher. Amy is very sweet and was so accommodating and easy to work with. Her charming little place was the PERFECT venue to host a professional, yet relaxing class. We were able to spread out to have plenty of room to practice. We were even able to work a little outside (in the cold!), where the countryside views were spectacular. If you have need for a venue for any type of small group gathering, I suggest you RUN to the phone and call Amy- she is fabulous and so is her business. Here are just a few photos I took before my “students” arrived:



I had fourteen students in all, spread out over two days,  which was absolutely perfect for me. I was able to spend at least a little bit of time with everyone, they were able to bounce ideas off each other, and we still fit into a nice-sized small group around a table. I had eight main objectives set for the class, and I felt like everyone worked hard to learn them. I saw lots of “lightbulb” moments and tons of improvements in the three hours we were together. I know all too well the feeling of having a really great camera, and having NO IDEA how to really use it- so my job was to demystify, teach vocabulary, and give practical lessons. I presented a LOT of information, but the ladies took it in stride and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback already. If you’re reading this post and think that YOU may be interested in a beginning dSLR camera class, please leave a comment and I’ll add you to the list to contact when I schedule one again.

On Saturday, I had a friend that I had formerly “mentored” with her camera come and be an extra set of eyes, hands, and ears- and she was very helpful. She was also able to add a lot to the conversation about her learning experiences and progress, which was inspiring and helpful for everyone there. I also need to credit Amy for many of the photos from the class. Obviously, if I’m in ’em, she took ’em. She went over and beyond and I will be forever grateful!!

Here are some of the slices of the weekend that Amy and I captured:

Two of the participants have even blogged about their experiences! Click here and here to read what they had to say about our time together.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who attended! I hope you can tell that I am passionate about and love talking about camera and photography. I think it’s wonderful that you took the time to come and learn about your awesome cameras, and please send any class follow-up questions my way!!! I’m already thinking about Class 201. Or….a couple’s class……or, a dad’s class?





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