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Cole is ONE!

About a year ago, I was honored to photograph a sweet little bundle of joy in his home. It was my first session of 2012, there was snow on the ground, and it was cold and windy as I lugged all my gear into the home…….

But inside, it was warm, snuggly, and loving, and the parents were clearly in love with their five-day old sweet-cheeked boy. Since then, this photo has always represented to me the peace and contentment and wonder that all new parents experience during those precious first days……


And I am so glad that his sweet Mama had  the foresight to have me photograph him with his sock monkey pal that day,

Because seeing him with it a year later, shows just how far he (and they!) have come in a year. Love it!

I LOVE this family and am so grateful that they had me up again to capture this special day for them. Mama planned every detail of his celebration down to the tiniest detail, and he is one very lucky boy. And I have to admit, he is just…..pretty easy to adore. Enjoy this sneak peek and congratulations on having a wonderful one-year old!

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