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When this couple got married many years ago, they had a wedding photograph taken in this exact same spot. What they didn’t have is the little charmer looking over Daddy’s shoulder……



He’s a charmer.  BIG TIME. He has dimples that girls are literally going to fall into one day. Doesn’t this happy look show that he has his parents right where he wants them?

Yeah. He has them right where he wants them.


He’s even charmed his two very furry siblings, who were perfectly behaved around him. He definitely wears the diapers pants in this relationship.


This picture is for me, because he certainly charmed me, and this one just makes me happy…… love LOVE the rolls, the chin, the curled up tongue, the LASHES!

Mama, Daddy and Grandma are so in love with him. It was apparent and beautiful during our session together this morning.

And that is exactly as it should be.

I had a great time with you this morning! Matthew is ADORABLE and was so much fun. Enjoy your “sneak peek”- there are lots more to come!

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  • Brandy Bline - I must look at these amazing pictures 100 times a day! Thanks so much Jennifer!ReplyCancel

    • admin - You are so funny! I would be doing the same thing! I love the comments from them on your FB page!!! :-)ReplyCancel

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  • Grandma Stare - Brandy & Doug, I think you have a masterpiece there!
    Reflection of Matthew’s happiness, his parents!ReplyCancel

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