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Capturing The LOVE contest (3)

Here is the final installment of my first annual “Capturing The LOVE” Contest…..


I was scared. I almost lost you. Every day I am thankful for you and love you more than you will ever know. My love for you is beyond describable and is exactly what our family needed. This picture shows how eternally grateful we are to snuggle with you every single day. We love you, brother.

~Elizabeth, your mommy




I had such a hard time picking just one picture that I love. I chose this one because I love the coloring in the picture, the kids expressions and it just captures them individually and as siblings. Hope you are well. We need to get on your schedule for sometime this summer.





Hi, Jen! After spending a while this afternoon sitting with Liam, your pictures and my laptop, I keep going back to this picture. Liam had fun saying, “Look Momma! That’s me, that’s me.” Now as I’m typing the email, it’s, “Momma, there’s my name!! IT’S MY TURN! I want to spell my name!” So, here is his turn spelling his name…555liam13 (The 5s were an accident and he said, “Let’s now do one, no 3 because I was 3 on my birthday.) LOL

Anyways, back to the picture.

I’m not sure if you remember this crazy day. The power was out and it was HOT! But, I was soooo happy. I think this picture shows how much love Keith and I have for our little guy and our relationship. It was this I can’t believe we did this moment. The week leading up to this picture, I think I was the first time I had ever seen Keith in this “new love” too. He was a daddy, a new daddy, a wonderful daddy. I could really see his love for me and our son. Being a new mom was so indescribable, so it’s kind of hard to describe how I feel about this picture, but you definitely “captured the love!”

Thanks for all the great pictures! I can’t wait for you to capture our love for our new little gal!





Hey Jen Hollie told me about your photo contest.

I think this picture captures love because even though Liam was pooping in Hollie’s hand she is smiling and holding him so close.





SINCE you are MAKING me chose a favorite photo, I guess I would have to pick the one where I am holding Harper and staring at her. If I had to chose a favorite picture tomorrow, I’m sure it would be a different one for a different reason. This photo captures our love because although you put us in that position for a photo, I find myself 8 months later still looking at her like she is brand new. I see other photos online of mother’s with their babies in similar poses and rather than seeing the photo for what it is I can feel the love that each of the mothers are feeling. When this photo was taken just a few days after her birth, it was prior to me discovering the strengths I didn’t know I had and dealing with the fears I never knew existed but above all else it CAPTURED THE FIRST LOVE!
On a side note: Can we schedule a smash cake session for Harper’s first birthday? lol




One of my favorite photos of Camdyn and I (his 3 month photos)…

No one will ever know the strength of my LOVE for you. After all, you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.

Love this photo because I’m in it- usually I’m always taking the picture. Would absolutely love to have one of me with all THREE of my littles!
Fun contest!




Hope it isn’t too late to enter the contest (what a cute idea, btw!) but even if it is, I thought I would tell you that I have loved this picture from the moment you sent it and finally had a moment to sit and think about why…

It might seem like an unlikely choice given the fact that you can’t see their faces but I love what this picture represents. Brotherly love on the surface…one child dreamed and hoped for, planned down to the month of his arrival, the other a surprise we wouldn’t trade for the world. But what I really love is the two of them setting off on one of many adventures their lives will take them on. This year was a big one for the Barbee Fam,..a new house in a new town, a transition to full time mom for me, the unexpected loss of our beloved Papa for all of us, but this picture reminds me that we are in it together. I hear the words of the song by Chris Tomlin playing in the background every time I look at this picture: “If God is for us, then who could ever stop us?” and know that this is the truest Love we could ever be so blessed to experience. So let them set out into the unknown with their backs to the world and their face to the sun…I know they will be just fine.

Thanks for capturing all this in just one tiny picture :)

Take care and thanks for what you do!
Caitlin B.




I would love to enter this newborn picture of Connor in the contest. I am in LOVE with this picture!!! Connor is such a miracle baby and this picture really portrays our love for him and not to mention his happy demeanor. I will cherish this picture forever!

Thanks again,




It was hard to choose, but I chose this one because you captured so many elements of my wonderful son, Clark.
He was able to setup his drums in his unique way for the photo, and you found a perfect “industrial” setting for the background (one that is no longer in existence),
you got him to smile for a picture (which is an amazing feat on its own), and you captured him being a little silly jumping in the air!
His music is so important to him, where he spends the majority of his time, and where he is happiest.
And this picture captures it all, and makes me smile whenever I look at it!
Thank you!



This picture was taken on January 18, 2014. It was taken when Cole was just 6 days past turning 2 and just 9 days before he became a big brother. I love this picture for so many sentimental and emotional reasons. It signifies the end of “3”. It captures my little boy holding his “blankie” and being showered with all our love and attention just days before becoming a big brother.

Becoming a parent is so emotional and one that I have been blessed with doing twice. I believe there is something deeper when you’ve done it once. You know how quickly the days pass and learn to appreciate what everyday brings (good and bad). I treasure this picture because it captured a moment in my heart that I will always treasure. The sweet innocence of being “2”, the fulfillment of being “3” and the journey of becoming “4”. I love you Jennifer Conklin and I look at this pic daily and smile to remember the moment that you captured.




This is our entry for “Capture the Love”. Though I have many, many “favorite” photos of our family in which you have managed to capture our love for one another this has always been one of my favorites! This photo exemplifies the feeling I have for all of our children when I look at them and I just feel the need to squeeze them because I love them soooo much. The fact that Zack is in the photo too is a bonus for sure. The look of shear joy on Zoe’s face along with her arm around my neck makes this moment just perfect!!!!





Enclosed is the photo I have selected to enter in your “Capture The Love” contest. I knew as soon as I received your email about the contest exactly which picture I would send you.

The reason I love this picture is because it shows how the love between John and I started over 55 years ago- holding hands. And now after almost 54 years of marriage, we still hold hands. It captures our love just because we still hold hands. That simple gesture says so much to the one you are with. “I am here for you no matter what.” “I will steady your walk, pick you up if you fall, and love you throughout everything.” I view it as a symbol of our everlasting love.

Thank you,

Lou Ellen



Attached is our favorite Jennifer Conklin photo!! We love it because it shows that love is worth more than money can buy and in the end God has a plan. There was a lot of ups and downs, pricks, pokes, miles driven, tears, hugs, smiles and kisses to bring our baby girl, Gabrielle, home. But in the end she is the most perfect, loving, and precious gift that any mom and dad could ask for and we are so blessed to call her ours forever and ever!!

Bethany, Eric and Gabrielle



Jennifer, you captured the love of our family like no one has done before. This picture makes me realize how far we have come and how long we have been a family. Our love continues to grow and become stronger each year. It had been a few years since our last picture and I’m just so happy to see that we are still very much in love with each other and still a VERY happy family. No matter the age we all still love to be around each other!!


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