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Capturing the LOVE (2)

*Please see yesterday’s post for my take on the Capturing the LOVE contest. Basically- I LOVED it!*


You captured everyone smiling in a picture at the exact same time when at times it was hard to smile. I will be able to look back at this picture and remember that we got through it!! This will always be one of my favorite pictures.





This may not be my all time favorite wall hanging picture, but I love this shot and I think it captures our family so perfectly. We laugh together a lot and show our love for each other by goofing around. The individual personalities of the girls are reflected so perfectly in this photo and my heart is always drawn to it when I look through these images so that’s why I love it! Keep up the great work!





Eeek! It was so much fun to look back through our engagement shoot. What a fun day full of love and laughter. I thought I had a choice in mind before I looked back through all of the pictures, but that choice was quickly forgotten when I saw this gem. It was a shot you captured quickly in a moment of pure joy. We’re not posing here but just enjoying being with each other and LAUGHING :) which we do so often. Just seeing our faces in this picture reminds me of moments we share on a regular basis…moments that get us through each day. Even if we’re stressed from working opposite shifts and not having seen each other in days or if we’re wondering if one pay check will last to the next, we always know the love we share and the LAUGHTER we create will get us through anything.

Thanks for prompting me to relive some memories :)





This picture is one of my favorites! :-) I love my Karah – Boo and miss her being my little baby often! :-)

~ Sarah




This picture hangs in front of my desk at work. Whenever I’m having a rough day with my kiddos at school, I can look at this picture and know that I have a little girl at home that loves me with all of her heart. Thank you for this constant reminder Jennifer!






Hi Jennifer – today I’m still in love with the pictures you captured of my baby boy during his one year cake smash. Hard to pick just one. His playful innocence and bright blue eyes melt me every time. The pure joy of licking the icing off his fingers. That look of “they are letting me do this.” LOVE. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Look forward to capturing Ali and Cora in the same way!!!




(Written by Erica, age 5, but submitted by Will, her daddy)

Me – “Erica, why do you love this picture?”

Erica –“I love you and you love me. We are happy. We are touching our foreheads and looking at each other.” Then she hugged me.

Me – Obviously speechless


(and on a side note…..thanks for the Sunday morning tears of joy)




We love this photo because it is the first family photo that we were able to have taken of our family of 5! We love this photo because you were able to capture all of us happy! We love that you were able to share this moment with us and that we can through our hallway and see all of our Conklin moments but truly be able to cherish this one. We have been so lucky that you have been able to capture our family of 3, 4, and 5 now!

Thank you!
The D Family



There will be one more installment tomorrow! :-)


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