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Capture the Love 2015

Normally, I have an end-of-the-year Facebook contest, and the photo with the most likes and comments “wins” something from Jennifer Conklin Photography. This year, I decided to try something different, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. The “winner” will be announced soon, but it’s very clear that the biggest winner here is……me. It was such an amazing experience as a photographer and friend, to see these photos coming in, and the captions that accompanied them.

Sometimes, my work becomes a bit of a blur, as I try to fit everyone in, edit photos to make deadlines, and try to stay on top of it all, as well as do my best at my other full-time job, and take care of my family. (Run-on-sentence much?) It was such a blessing to slow down and see which photos meant the most to everyone who entered. Time goes so fast, and what I love most about photography, is showing you how I see you, and your love, through my “eyes”, at that moment in time.  On my blog and FB, I tend to mostly post “safe” photos, of people smiling, people posed, and everyone generally looking their best. I was so thrilled to find out that the “perfect ones” aren’t always the most loved by you. Sometimes, the funny, quirky, outtakes are the ones you love best, and sometimes, so do I.

I am going to put up just a few a day until they’re all up. :-)



Thank you again for capturing my family in photos and giving us priceless memories to see and cherish forever. The memory of the fun we had that day during the session is also something that I will always cherish. Your gentle, silly and sweet ways put us at ease and in return you captured some really fun and goofy moments of our family being together and then made them beautiful photos. Thank you! :)





You have taken so many wonderful pictures for us it’s hard to pick! This one, however, is a picture that we will cherish for our lifetime!

-Meaghann and Matt




I couldn’t stop at just one! The first picture is very special to me because our beautiful daughter-in-law, Jenny, really didn’t know our son, Brice, was going to ask her to marry him. Truly, how many people are actually surprised when they get engaged – she was because they had only been dating for two months. I’m so glad you were there to capture the special moment for him. The second picture is of Brice and Jenny receiving the blessing from the priest at their wedding. Even though you usually do not do weddings, I am thankful you loved my kids enough to do it for us :) 





It’s never easy taking pictures of a family of five much less with three young children. You defied the odds and captured a beautiful moment of love and togetherness with our family. The most interesting part about this picture is how our youngest child, Emma took it upon herself to be the “protector” of the family; standing guard of sorts. Her standing out in front giving the group hug of her life, but yet so protecting in nature. You captured this beautiful moment for us. This picture is three years old, and yet it’s still our most absolute favorite moment you captured of our family love. :))





This is one of my most favorite shots from our photo session last Summer. I have it framed and sitting by my kitchen sink and I smile EVERY time I see it. I love the expressions on each of our faces…you caught our personalities perfectly! (Plus it was taken at our most FAVORITE location!!) We laugh A LOT at our house – and are often being really goofy…but that is why I feel like you captured our love – because you captured “us”. Big. Love!

Take care!


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