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Before the Rain

After having this family travel from out of state, we were worried that the rain was going to spoil our photo session. But we squeaked it out just in time! How’s this for a good looking family?

They are every bit as sweet as they look. And let me tell you, this one’s a CHARMER.

And this one is sweet and fun and a little bit wild. In fact, she reminded me of my own sweet girls- so I kinda loved her too!

We had some funny moments……….

Some tender moments……

Some super-duper fun moments………

But when a brother and sister willingly, happily, CHEERFULLY do this for me, well… heart was full.

And speaking of full hearts, this sweet little one spent several minutes “decorating” her very patient Mama. Her tender squeeze at the end shows just how beautiful she thinks her Mama is. And I think that for this Mama, the feeling is mutual. Enjoy the sneak peek P family!  (But I still can’t say “Go Alabama”!) :-)

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