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A Great Big Pile of Thankfulness

When I started my job in Lancaster, over 16 years ago, I walked into my school for an interview. I was a very nervous, recent college graduate, and I needed some reassurance. I needed someone to tell me it would be okay and help me figure things out.

The first face I saw belonged to the school secretary, who gave me those encouraging messages,  and continues to be a welcome sight to me each time I see her. Fast forward sixteen years….

She’s still a friend, and I’ve never seen her quite this happy and…well,  glowing before. I think it might have had something to do with having everyone she loves around her. :-) (Me included!?)

I was sooooo pleased, when my new friend, who happens to be the daughter of the first person I ever laid eyes on in this town, worked up a Thanksgiving-photo-shoot-surprise.

My task was to (among other things) create a family portrait that consisted of two grandparents, six parents, and seven children. After all the muscle-men in the family cheerfully, excitedly,  carried my couch down a giant hill to a spot where the “light was better”, doing that task was easy. :-)

We got………

…some handsome ones.


…..some snuggly ones.

…one of each “family”.


…we got the grandparents.

…we got the “original” family.

…we got my new friend and her Mama.

…and we got the best thing of all. A great big tangle of arms, legs, sneakers, giggles, tickles, and love. A whole couch-ful of things to be thankful for.

I’m awfully thankful that hers was the first face I saw in this town…….


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